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Nov 16, 2020

Dr. Monica Ellis-Blied is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with expertise in whole-health interventions and in neurocognitive assessment. The assessments and testing she provides will help you to identify and learn how to better manage ADHD, Learning Disorders, and psychiatric conditions, as well as secure accommodations for work, school, or high stakes testing. She is also a certified Chair Yoga instructor, heart rate variability biofeedback provider, and Life Coach. Dr,”. Blied earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology, where she also gained specialty training in the integration of faith and spirituality with psychological practice and research. She earned a master’s degree in Christian Leadership to complement her work helping people who are living with chronic illnesses, to make sense of their suffering and reclaim purpose in their lives.  
In her private practice - Faces of Health Wellness Center in Claremont, California - Dr. Blied specializes in helping individuals living with chronic medical illnesses and disabilities. Her clients include people living with fibromyalgia, lupus, HIV, diabetes,  traumatic brain injury, ADHD and other neurodiversity, MS, and other chronic health conditions that are impacting your relationships, your joy or peace of mind, your work or school, or getting in the way of you reaching your goals. Dr. Blied regards her work as a psychologist as a calling. She finds special meaning in developing services for people who, like her, also live with chronic medical conditions.  Dr. Blied is passionate about helping others find hope and purpose as they navigate changes in health.
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