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Apr 30, 2020

I am dedicating today's episode to discussing living in a stress body and what we can do about it. Many of us are under extra stress these days and it can have a huge impact on your health. 

In this episode, I discuss food allergy flare ups, brain fog, and other physical ramifications of excess stress.

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Apr 27, 2020

I am dedicating today's episode to discussing brain fog, fatigue and how stress and oxygen play into this! Most of us don't concentrate on our breath throughout the day and especially under stress.

In this episode, I share what to know about brain fog and how to combat it with breath and stress management.

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Apr 23, 2020

I am dedicating today's episode to revealing the truth about calories! The health & fitness industry would tell you that you need to restrict your calories, follow generic diets/fitness programs and ignore your individual health needs, just to see a few pounds lost on the scale.

In this episode, I share why you NEED...

Apr 20, 2020

Nina Boyce is a certified hormone coach and Reiki Practitioner based in Columbus, OH. After years of struggling with chronic anxiety and hormone imbalance, she turned towards an all natural lifestyle to heal her body. 

Nina is passionate about women’s health and the philosophy that all bodies are self-healing and...

Apr 16, 2020

I am dedicating today's episode to answering your questions related to resources and tips for surviving and thriving during the covid-19 quarantine! 

I cover a wide range of topics from "Boredom and motivation" to "Quick & easy healthy meals" Because most of us have not lived in any similar circumstances before, this is...