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Feb 28, 2022

Named “Person of the Year” by Masters of Health Magazine, Jeffrey Smith wrote the world’s bestselling book on GMOs, directed 5 documentaries, delivered 1000 lectures and 1000 interviews in 45 countries, trained 1500 speakers, and organized over 10,000 grassroots advocates in 25 years of service. He has...

Feb 21, 2022

I am dedicating today's episode to discussing gaslighting, abuse and how it impacts your health. Mental and emotional health has a big link to your health, and people in your life impact this. It is so important to identify abuse and gaslighting around you to protect yourself and others. 

Women who are undergoing...

Feb 14, 2022

Krista Resnick is an empowerment coach, leadership expert and self care evangelist. 

She believes you were put on this earth to ENJOY LIFE. 

She believes you were put on this earth for a purpose.

She believes you are meant to live in joy, peace and freedom. She believes in HARMONY-where everything in life works together...

Feb 10, 2022

Happy 400 episodes!!! I wanted to celebrate with a fun couples podcast. In this episode, I am joined by my husband and I interview him with some fun and random questions. 

We hope you laugh along with us and enjoy the fun, as we share some funny stories and a peek inside the life of the Westie's. 

15% OFF Sambucol...

Feb 7, 2022

I am dedicating today's episode to discussing exercise and your cycle. As an athlete, I am so passionate about helping women understand how to maximize performance and rest throughout the different phases of their cycle and life. 

Reaching your fitness and exercise goals involves much more than just following one...