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Feb 17, 2020

"I stand for authenticity and my mission is to lead an authentic life inspiring women to confidently embody their authentic power through living their healthiest life at their ideal weight. You see I lived an inauthentic life for years that stole my joy and robbed me of memories I will never get back. I am a fitness and weight loss coach, wife, mother and entrepreneur but I am also a recovered anorexic, bulimic, orthorexic and over exercise addict. Food took my power from me and led me to an inauthentic life filled with the deep dark shame of binge eating and diet yo yo vicious cycles. I understand the powerlessness. I also understand the demands of daily life and have found my niche in helping other women of any age become their most authentic healthiest selves and FREE them of the chains of the vicious diet you yo cycle.. For the past 13 years I have trained and coached primarily women, I have competed in fitness competitions at the national level, and written nutrition programs for women and men with all types of health, wellness and fitness goals. I was the owner, operator and founder of an elite fitness studio, a yoga studio and I was the founder and creator of a nutrition bar company.

I have the first hand experience on how you can break free and transform your fitness and health to become more than just your BODY. As women we have been culturally programmed to align our self worth with our physical bodies. My goal is to help empower and guide you through authentic, honest, and real life weight loss. I will give you the tools necessary to create attainable and sustainable goals and free you of unhealthy expectations.

You are not your BODY. You are so much more. Let me help you discover how you can become free from the expectations and learn to love fitness, love your body and love your whole self."

- Jennifer Ludington

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