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Jan 17, 2022

Rachel Katzman is the Co-Founder of P.volve and Co-Founder and former CEO of Cuvée Beauty, a hair care line that she sold in 2019.

P.volve is an omnichannel fitness brand with a global on-demand platform, a growing line of patented equipment and studios in NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles. The wellness-forward startup is known for teaching you to “Know Your Body Better” and has garnered attention from major media outlets—such as Vogue, The Today Show and Vanity Fair—for flipping traditional fitness on its head. Celebrities including Kate Bosworth, Iskra Lawrence and Venus Williams credit the functional method and its purposeful, low-impact movements for helping them achieve their fitness goals.

After years of breaking down her body and feeling a constant state of pain from high-impact workouts, Rachel discovered the ‘mind-to-muscle’ training method cured her scoliosis.

The method forever altered Rachel’s outlook on fitness -- wanting to help others experiencing the same fatigue and strain from vanity-driven fitness, Rachel began filming her workouts and uploading them onto the P.volve platform. After discovering P.volve, Rachel learned to love her body based on how she felt, rather than how she looked.

Dr. Amy Hoover owns and operates APHysio LLC, a wellness practice where she specializes in hands-on manual therapy. She also has a special interest in both pre and postnatal care and women's health, plus extensive training in pelvic floor physical therapy.

Find Rachel & Amy: 

Instagram: @pvolve