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Apr 22, 2019

Sam Barber is a female athlete who has achieve a high level of success in two separate sports.
We talked about what it takes to become a high level athlete, and transitioning through different sports.
We also talked about the struggle a lot of girls face growing up through sport when it comes to body image.
The positive and negative impact a coach can have on players.
The drive that it takes to achieve high levels of success in two different sports.
Sam has an amazing story, that I think most women female athletes can resonate with, and I'm certain you will walk away with a ton of inspiration!
Sam's Accomplishments:
• 2013 Basketball National Player (NCAA Division 3) of the year.
• National Champions St. Louis Surge , women’s semi-pro basketball 
• 2 time All Star Team Minnesota Vixen, women’s football 
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