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Aug 16, 2021

Natasha Wilch inspires people to start — and stay! — moving in the direction of their goals and dreams in life. An entrepreneur, speaker, and registered physical therapist specializing in
concussion therapy, Natasha knows from experience that there are two things in order to live our best life: hope that the change we seek is actually possible and the support of someone who
cares about our success.

And she knows from experience. In her physical therapy practice, Natasha and her team help hundreds of people each year recover from debilitating concussion symptoms and reclaim their lives by getting back to work, back to playing with their kids, and simply living life again.

She’s the founder of Symphony Rehabilitation, a multi-disciplinary clinic that provides concussion rehabilitation for individuals suffering from acute and prolonged concussion symptoms. Her clinic pioneered concussion rehabilitation and telehealth treatment models, for which she received the Canadian Futurepreneur Entrepreneur of the Year Award, The Vancouver Island Business & Community Achievement Award, and was named in the top 400 businesses in Canada by the RBC Women of Influence Entrepreneur Awards. Natasha credits the support of an amazing community of women for giving her the courage to take the first step towards her dream of starting her own business. Wanting to give the same supportive environment to others on their concussion journey, she Co-Founded Concussion Compass, an
online community that provides individuals with post-concussion symptoms the support, knowledge, and tools critical to their recovery journey.

Natasha loves sharing her knowledge about achieving goals, finding and building communities, and the importance of awareness and education about concussion. When she’s not doing that, you’ll find her with her husband and three children at the BMX track.

Otherwise, she’s probably dancing somewhere.

Find Natasha: 

IG @natasha.wilch
FB @natasha.wilch.concussioncoach