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Jun 14, 2018

I've just opened enrollment for my next 12 Week Challenge! This time with TWO Options. One for women in Menopause & one for women who aren't! If you are looking for an end to the cycle of "dieting", counting calories, losing weight & gaining it back, I urge you to reach out. This program is designed specifically for women. Taking into consideration the female physiology. We will work together to work towards your specific goals. Each female body is different, and therefore needs different nutrition tweaks to get results. This is meant to be a program to help set you up with the tools you need to know how to fuel your body, and continue to achieve the results you are looking for. This episode will dive into what exactly the 12 Week Program entails, and what you can expect! If you are ready to jump on board, schedule a call with me & we will get you going!