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May 18, 2020

Dr. Lauryn Brunclik, DC is a walking talking example of the messiness and dichotomy of life.

She loves Jesus, but will definitely drop an F bomb or two.

She was determined to build a large chiropractic business, but moved to town of 2500 people in the Northwoods of Wisconsin right out of school, by choice

She built two high volume clinics on an insurance model, then went out of network with all insurance.

She is actively working on not needing the approval of others but can tell you exactly how many Instagram followers she has.
She has worked her way up to the inner circle of 2 chiropractic organizations, both of which she is no longer a part of.

She has one stupid tattoo and one awesome one.

She runs half marathons but regularly eats pizza.

She loves her husband and 2 daughters dearly but can’t sit still on a weekend with them.

She loves avocados, but who doesn’t.

She recently left an organization she was climbing the ladder of to just “be still”… & then 12 hours later she started a podcast.

She’s direct, but rooted in kindness and communication.

She freaking loves chiropractic and helping women find how to create their ideal work & life balance.

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