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Dec 30, 2019

I am dedicating today's episode to answering the rest of your questions related to exercise - part 2!  

I cover a wide range of topics from "I’ve come to the realization that every time I try to do aerobics, running etc that raises my cortisol it triggers migraines for me so I’ve been really put off when it comes to exercise because I associate it with pain. Yoga seems to work a little better. Is there a way to prevent that or am I stuck with low intensity training forever? I do like aerobic and workouts involving music but I’m scared to do them now because of the inevitable painful result 30 mins after a class” to "Do I need to eat ALL my calories back after an intense workout in order to NOT go into starvation mode??" Knowing how, when, what, can be a struggle for many women when it comes to exercise, so I have included some of my best tips. Here are the links for everything referenced in the episode below: 

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